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As low as $197 per month

When you want comfort and outstanding massage in a tub with a smaller footprint, the Prodigy is the answer. One of the original tubs introduced by Hot Spring to operate on a dedicated 20-amp outlet, you’ll find yourself saving money on installation and rescuing yourself from sleepless nights with wonderful soaks before bedtime. Add the FreshWater Salt System and you’ll congratulate yourself on the decision to own this terrific tub.

Other Excellent Hot Tub Options Based on Your Results

As low as $159 per month

This gem of a hot tub in the Limelight Collection is a star in its own right. The Beam has a small footprint but still allows for four to retreat to corner seats and stretch out. The variety of jets and the waterfall make this an outstanding tub. Once you add a FreshWater Salt System, you’ll soon be relaxing in the best way possible and the healthiest water imaginable. (Bluetooth Music will make it even better!)

As low as $112 per month

We love this little tub! Seating for three, the wonderful, patented Moto-Massage jet for a back massage like nothing you’ve ever felt, and easy water care with the @ease System. Want another reason to love it? A dedicated 20-amp 110V plug is all you need to install, and you’re set. Sharp style + smart jetting + simplified water care = smart buy!

As low as $107 per month

When space is at a premium, your option to escape for a soak shouldn’t be compromised. The TX features Hot Spring’s patented Moto-Massage jet for a back massage like no other. Its unique shape allows it to tuck into a corner. And, since the TX can operate with a standard household outlet, set up is a breeze! You’ll love it!

*Olympic offers terrific financing options on approved credit. Your hot tub with additional accessories and deposit will impact the final monthly payment calculation.

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