Smartop solves the problems associated with traditional vinyl hot tub covers. Made to retain energy efficiency, resist water logging, and stay beautiful, with proper care it can last the life of your tub.

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When space is tight, Upright is the answer. Feather-light opening and closing, requiring just 8-12 inches behind the tub to operate and 3-4 inches on each side.

Vanish XL

The answer when you want to see as little of your cover when enjoying your tub. Requires a minimum of 28 inches behind the tub and 5 inches on each side to operate.

For Swim Spas

Available for swim spas up to 20 feet long. The tight center seal prevents dirt and debris entering your swim spa. Its contemporary sleek design is the perfect swim spa cover.

The Smartop advantage

Smartop was created by Leisure Concepts, the world’s largest hot tub accessories company. And it’s right here in Washington State!

  • Insulted with non-water absorbing foam from Owens Corning to prevent water logging and help retain energy efficiency.
  • Designed to support over 1,000 pounds!
  • Integrated hydraulic assist lifter makes removing and replacing your Smartop a breeze.
  • Cover channel locks secure your Smartop when not in use for safety and peace of mind; also helps lock in heat.

The Olympic advantage

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