The FreshWater® IQ Salt System

The future of water care has arrived! The FreshWater IQ Salt System takes the ability to enjoy your tub more and spend lest time on water care to a new level. Because your hot tub should take care of you, not the other way around.

This revolutionary system is made up of two key components designed to make sure you always soak in the cleanest, healthiest water and take much of the guesswork out of water care.

FreshWater Salt

The FreshWater Salt System is your first step to healthy clean water for your daily soaks. Available on all Highlife® and Limelight® Collection models, this easy-to-use system requires just a little salt in your hot tub water. With a simple setting on your tub’s control panel, the system will generate the perfect amount of natural chlorine needed from the salt in the water. You’ll use far fewer bottled products, soak in water that’s soft for your skin, and reduce the need for water changes to just once a year!* The salt cartridge used in the FreshWater Salt System is also recyclable, making this the most eco-friendly water care system available.

FreshWater IQ

FreshWater IQ features smart monitoring technology, automatically testing your water every hour. This provides readings for the key tests you need: your tub’s salt, chlorine, and pH levels. The in-line testing is far more accurate than any test strip or aftermarket monitoring system available. When adjustments are needed, FreshWater IQ provides you with clear instructions on your hot tub’s control panel to get things back on track. Smart, simple, and easy!

Freshwater IQ control panel photo

The FreshWater IQ Salt System is the latest innovation from Hot Spring Spas, known the world over for making hot tub ownership and wellness through water easier than ever.

Terrific healthy water care options for our other collections

Our HotSpot Collection models feature @ease Water Care System.

Our Freeflow Spas feature the EverFresh System.  

* Many factors impact the life of your hot tub's water, including the number of regular bathers and water chemistry. When these are accounted for and your tub is properly maintained, you'll get clean, clear water for up to a full year. 

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