Since 1977, Olympic has aligned itself with the absolute best products. We want you to have an ownership experience like no other. That's why we carry the family of products from Watkins Wellness, the leader in hot tubs and swim spas worldwide. Hot Spring Spas has been the top selling hot tub brand for well over 25 years. Freeflow Spas is the ultimate ultra-portable plug-n-play hot tub offered. Endless Pools put swimming at home on the map with innovation not found anywhere else. You're buying expertise and quality combined with Olympic's focus on great service, joining our family of over 30,000 customers in Puget Sound.

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Our brands stand out for their performance, longevity, ease and beauty

At Olympic, it’s all about clean, healthy water

The entire line of hot tubs we offer at Olympic feature unique water care options that minimize the use of harsh chemicals, allowing for healthier soaks and fewer water changes. Regardless of the tub you choose, you’ll find that we have a simple water care regimen that will take minutes to maintain your tub.

Three easy water care systems for three terrific hot tub collections

On Hot Spring Spas, the terrific FreshWater Salt System is our standard water care offering. The newest generation of saltwater care available from Hot Spring, it requires fewer chemicals, is better for your skin, and utilizes recyclable salt cartridges. Requiring less salt than you find in human tears sets it up for success to sanitize your water properly without creating a corrosive environment. With proper water care, it will drastically reduce the amount of water needed to enjoy your hot tub over time, saving thousands of gallons of water over other hot tub brands. Hot Spring innovation at its best, and the eco-friendliest water care available today.

Our line of Hot Spot Spas are equipped with the @Ease Water Care System. This automated system features two cartridges that use a combination of silver and a very low dose of chlorine to keep your water sanitized. The power of ozone is the third component of the system, keeping the water smelling and looking terrific. The cartridges for this system are easy to replace and easy to use.

On Freeflow Spas, we offer the EverFresh System. In existence for over 20 years as a water care option, a silver ion cartridge is teamed up with the power of ozone to allow you to soak in water that is virtually chlorine free. The cartridge is replaced every four months. You’ll enjoy virtually chlorine free soaking every day!

Our line of Endless Pools feature UVC/Ozone systems to minimize sanitizer and help keep water fresh and healthy for swimming year round.

With our brands, water conservation saves you money

When you purchase a Hot Spring Spa, you’re making a choice for water conservation. No other spa saves as much water. The advanced technology requires less draining and refilling than conventional spas, while maintaining water quality and clarity for you and your family.


A Hot Spring Spa uses less water than:

  • A bathtub: the typical 80-gallon bathtub, used twice a week for six months, would require ten (10!) times the water of our most popular spa, the Vanguard.
  • A jetted tub: a typical jetted and whirlpool tub, used twice a week for six months, would require sixteen (16!) times the water of the Vanguard.
  • With proper water care, Hot Spring Spas’ FreshWater Salt System gives you the option of draining once every year vs. a recommended draining once every 50 – 90 days for other hot tub brands – up to seven times a year. You’ll save thousands of gallons of water over time!

Save water and money the Hot Spring way--and help the environment

Hot Spring Spas feature environmentally-friendly water care systems that keep the water cleaner, longer.

  • Only Hot Spring Spas offer 100% no-bypass filtration, which means that all the water passes through the filter before it enters the tub. (Featured on Hot Spring's Highlife Collection.)
  • Patented Tri-X® filter technology uses a three-dimensional surface area to maximize filtration power that can extend the time between cleanings.
  • The FreshWater® III ozone system uses highly concentrated ozone bubbles to neutralize contaminants on contact, dramatically reducing the need for harsh chemicals to keep the water clean.
  • An optional FreshWater Ag+® continuous mineral cartridge provides the sanitation power of silver ions for a more natural alternative to water care, so you can limit your use of chlorine and/or other sanitizers.

Quiet hot tubs make good neighbors

Did you know that one of the biggest summertime complaints to city officials is hot tub noise? That’s right. Noise from a neighbor’s hot tub. If it’s annoying to neighbors, think how bad it is for the owners.


Shopping for a hot tub? Use your ears.

Ask to hear what the full tub sounds like when the heating and filtering mode is on. If the model is dry, that’s a sign the sound wouldn’t be pretty. And if you plan to put your tub on a deck or balcony, remember that a noisy pump sounds worse on a vibrating floor.

Don’t trust your ears? Add the Decibel Meter Pro app to your smart phone and use it when you shop.


Peace starts with a noise-free Hot Spring Spa

Hot Spring Spa is the only hot tub engineered for no noise from heating and filtering. You can put your tub on a deck or next to a window. It’s quiet and stress-free peace, so you can relax. So can your neighbor.

Come try one and hear the quiet for yourself.

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