Five tips for enjoying your hot tub during Seattle’s summer months

July 8, 2024

So…remember how I said in my previous blog that summer in Seattle doesn’t arrive till July 4th? Well, this past weekend certainly proves that! I’m a tried and true Pacific Northwest guy, so anytime the temps go about 75 degrees is HOT to me!

But one thing that’s also true of me? I’m a hot tubber! Even when the temperature get into the 80’s and 90’s, I still try to make sure I’m getting in a daily soak. After all, there’s nothing like a soak when we are having fabulous weather and crystal clear nights in the Emerald City. Here are a few tips to use your hot tub when the heat is on.

Lower the tub temp a bit. Lowering the temperature of your tub to 99 or 100 degrees makes a huge difference when the ambient temperature is that much warmer. The way Hot Spring Spas are insulated, this may require lowering the temp as well as adding an inch or two of cold water to your tub. Lowering the temperature closer to your body’s 98.6 temp will make the water feel refreshing but still feel like a hot tub soak.

Try soaking at other times than you normally would. I’m not a big morning person, but when the temperature during the day is so much warmer, sometimes a soak in the morning is perfect. The outdoor temp will be cool enough to hop in the tub and get a nice soak in before starting the day. It’s also pretty terrific to hear the world waking up and enjoying the morning song of the birds. If you’re up even earlier, nothing like taking in the sunrise while in the hot tub!

Consider some shade. If you have your hot tub in a spot where it’s exposed to direct sunlight, consider getting an umbrella. Shielding yourself from the sun while soaking is always a smart idea, and will help protect you from the heat as well. A ball cap can be helpful in a pinch.

Take a break. One way you can extend your soaking time is to take a periodic break from your entire torso being fully submerged. If your tub has a cool down seat, move there every ten minutes or so. Getting most of your torso out of the water for a few minutes will help your body’s core temperature from elevating too quickly. It’s also a great time to perch on the bar top of the tub and use some of the jets that are normally reserved for your back on your legs and feet instead. It’s terrific! 

Drink more! We all know as a general rule when it’s hot it’s important to keep hydrated. Bring something refreshing out to the tub to drink, and make sure you have plenty of it! Lemonade, iced tea, sparkling water or just plain ol’ still water will all be solid options to keep you feeling great. Drink more than you normally do during a soak to make sure your body is getting what it needs in the heat.

I hope you’ll all take advantage of your hot tub as often as possible during these warmer days. If it’s part of your regular routine, don’t let the heat interrupt it! Rather, adapt your usage and make sure you’re treating yourself to the escape and therapy it provides.