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Swim Spa Success Planning

If you’re ready to take your wellness and fitness to the next level with a Vita Swim Spa, we’re here to help! You’ll love the convenience of swimming in your own backyard every time you need it. Here’s a list of things to consider and plan for as you create your swim spa oasis.

  • Find the perfect spot. Think about the ideal spot for your swim spa. It should be in a place close and convenient from your back door so you can hope right in. If you need some advice, that’s when our Backyard Consultation is the right answer. We’ll do our best to give recommendations to create the perfect swim-at-home space.
  • How’s the view? Position your swim spa so you’re happy with what you see when you’re swimming. If you have a terrific view, make sure you can enjoy it! On the flip side, think about how your neighbor’s view is too! You may need to create some privacy against prying eyes.
  • Get your permission slip. Depending on where you live, your municipality may require certain permits for a swim spa. Due diligence is key, so you don’t get too far in your planning and have a permit issue interrupt or kill your dream! (Don’t forget a Homeowner’s Association if that’s a consideration, too.)
  • Get level footing in place. A solid foundation on which to place your swim spa is critical. Bear in mind there could be 20,000 lbs. of support needed in some cases! A 6” reinforced concrete pad will provide excellent support. AND—do make sure your swim spa foundation is level.
  •  “I’ve got the power!” Swim spas require at least 60-amps of dedicated power to the unit. If the swim spa features a separate hot tub, that could increase the power needed to 100 or 110-amps. Check out your home’s electrical panel with an electrician to determine power availability and plan for any electrical expense now.
  • Think before you build. With a swim spa, it’s key you provide at least three feet of access space around each side of the swim spa for future service. If you plan to recess any of the swim spa or build decking around it, creating this access is a vital component to your design plan. You not only want your swim spa to look stunning, but you also want it to be serviceable in the future.
  • We’ve got you covered. Swim spas come with a traditional cover. BUT, there are far better user-friendly solutions that not only upgrade the look of your swim spa, they also make them incredibly easy to access and provide extra security for peace of mind. A Smartop for Swim Spas or the Covana Legend are outstanding investments that will provide years of enjoyment and look terrific too.
  • What does delivery look like? Invariably a crane or boom truck is required to deliver a swim spa. It’s the smartest path to a delivery where home and swim spa remain damage free, and all delivery team members stay safe. Olympic has referrals for licensed, bonded, and insured companies that can survey your site and determine the best delivery plan and share any associated costs with you, so you’ll be set.

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