Incorporating your hot tub into your 4th of July celebration in Seattle

July 2, 2024

Can you believe it’s already time for the 4th of July? We in the Northwest know that this is truly the official start of summer in Seattle.  It’s a great time to get together with family and friends and celebrate. In Seattle, the festivities are marked by spectacular fireworks (when the weather cooperates!), family gatherings, and a chance to finally get in the backyard for some barbeque. One way to elevate your Independence Day celebration this year is by incorporating your hot tub into the mix. Here’s how to make your hot tub the centerpiece of your 4th of July party.

Set the scene! If you’re going to celebrate the holiday, make sure the hot tub gets some 4th of July love! Decorate the area with red, white, and blue accents—think streamers, balloons, and red and blue towels. If you have outdoor lighting, consider mixing in red and blue with white bulbs. Add some music from your tub’s Bluetooth music system if you have one or add music via a portable speaker. As the day transitions into night, these small touches will help illuminate the space and keep the vibe lively.

Fireworks, anyone? Consider timing your hot tub session to align with the fireworks display. As Seattle’s sky lights up with dazzling bursts of color, your guests can enjoy a front-row seat to the spectacle from the soothing warmth of the hot tub. Just remember! Everyone needs to hydrate regularly, especially if they have been consuming alcohol.

Yummy eats and drinks! Food and drink are essential for any 4th of July celebration! so create a spread of portable, easily consumable snacks that guests can enjoy between dips. Think finger foods like sliders, mini hot dogs, and fruit skewers. (I like combining bananas, blueberries and strawberries to keep with the red/white/blue theme.) Opt for drinks that are refreshing yet patriotic; perhaps a red, white, and blue layered cocktail or mocktail.

Safety first! Safety is always important during Independence Day. Make sure to have a clear set of rules posted around the hot tub. Use shatterproof drinkware and melamine or other suitable outdoor plates for drinking and eating.  Keep a small first aid kit nearby in case of any minor mishaps.

By thoughtfully integrating your hot tub into your 4th of July celebration, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all your guests. Here’s to a happy and safe Independence Day!