Study finds benefits of a run and hot tub soaking similar!

October 26, 2023

October 26th, 2023 –Are you a runner? I will confess that the last thing I would want to do to stay fit is jog. As it is, I find it challenging enough to get to a gym a few times a week to do a workout with my trainer. Ugh!

Well…if you would rather soak in a hot tub that hit the trails for a job, here’s some encouraging news! A new study from the UK indicates soaking in a hot tub has some of the same benefits as a 30-minute run.

Not a typo! You read that right. Researchers from Coventry University conducted a study with participants ranging in age from 26 to 60 years old. They asked the individuals involved in the research to soak in a hot tub three consecutive days for a half hour each time. Various factors were assessed: heart rate, cortisol levels, mood, and blood pressure among them.

The study determined that blood flow to the legs increased by 345% (!!). That’s comparable to the blood flow increase that results from a 30-minut run. Heart rate increased to the level that normally occurs during a brisk walk, and blood pressure decreased.

Salivary cortisol levels decreased by 22%. This is one of the indicators of stress, which means the soak is also beneficial for mood and mental health.

I wouldn’t tell you to ditch your running shoes if you’re an avid jogger. Physical exercise is one of the best ways for us to ward off aging, moderate weight and help with blood pressure and more. BUT! Isn’t it wonderful to know you can substitute a soak in a hot tub every once in a while and enjoy some of the same physical and mental benefits you can enjoy from a run?

It makes me want to run….right up to my hot tub.