Olympic Hot Tub Annual Heroes Event

Olympic’s 8th Annual Honoring Heroes Event Supports Behind the Badge Foundation

April 5, 2024

April is one of my favorite months at Olympic. The air is charged with the spirit of giving, thanks to our 8th annual Honoring Heroes Event. This year’s event is dedicated to those who serve and protect—the silent heroes behind the badge. With every purchase of a hot tub or swim spa, a portion of the sale is contributed to an incredible cause, and this year it is our honor to support the Behind the Badge Foundation.

The Behind the Badge Foundation stands as a beacon of support and remembrance. Their noble mission is to remember the courage and dedication of law enforcement officers who have suffered injuries or lost their lives on duty. Supporting families in these critical moments, the foundation is a stabilizing force amidst the turbulence of loss and recovery.

The foundation doesn’t stop there; they also diligently maintain the Washington State Law Enforcement Memorial. It is a sacred space that commemorates the sacrifices made by officers and serves as a perpetual reminder of their unyielding courage and public service. By choosing to participate in our Honoring Heroes Event, you become part of a community that upholds the legacy of those who serve.

Throughout April, Olympic Hot Tub aims to give back to those who have given their all. The event isn’t just about finding your sanctuary in the comfort of a hot tub or swim spa—it’s about creating a ripple effect of goodwill that reaches the lives of law enforcement officers and their families.

Here’s how you can participate in our Honoring Heroes Event:

We invite you to be a part of our 8th Annual Honoring Heroes Event. It’s an opportunity for us to pay tribute to the valor of our officers and ensure their memories and the well-being of their loved ones are always held in the highest honor.