Perfect Hot Tub Results Large with Lounge

Your Perfect Hot Tub is…


As low as $270 per month

When you own an Envoy, you’ll know you’ve arrived! With an amazing lounge and a terrific captain’s seat, there’s very little to do in this Highlife Collection model but climb in and escape the day. Incredible jets, a roomy footwell for everyone to have their own personal space, healthy soaking with the addition of the FreshWater Salt System…what’s not to love? Add Bluetooth Music to elevate your time under the stars to a state of relaxation like nothing else. Some of the best jetting for your calves and feet are found in the Envoy. You’ll definitely feel you’ve found your wellness retreat here.

Other Excellent Hot Tub Options Based on Your Results

As low as $262 per month

One of Olympic’s very favorite tubs in the Highlife Collection. Why? The interior is perfectly designed with open seating and a comfortable lounge featuring the outstanding Moto-Massage DX jet. A cool-down seat is an excellent safe way to enter the tub and to cool off when needed to extend your soak time. The FreshWater Salt System can be added for healthy soaking that won’t dry your skin. And, as its name indicates, Bluetooth Music is an excellent addition to make every soak a symphony. Are you ready to escape?

As low as $305 per month

This is the largest tub in Hot Spring’s entire offering. When you see it, you’ll want it. It’s spacious, sleek and stylish. And boy! Does it back a hydromassage punch! The extra-large jet in the footwell is something your feet will thank you for over and over. The FreshWater Salt System is an excellent addition for safe healthy soaking for your friends and family. This will become the new family entertainment center, spot for date night, and place to reconnect with your kids. Add Bluetooth Music or the complete wireless entertainment system! Escaping to the Prism will be the highlight of your day.

As low as $138 per month

When you decide to own your first hot tub, you want one that has all the terrific features at an affordable price. Enter the Relay from the Hot Spot Collection. Great jetting, great LED lighting, soothing waterfall, and smart easy water care…The Relay has it all! The only thing you will say after having your Relay delivered and retreating to it every day for a soak? “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” The Relay will put on the path to a better you, every day.

*Olympic offers terrific financing options on approved credit. Your hot tub with additional accessories and deposit will impact the final monthly payment calculation.

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