Can hot tubs and alcohol mix?

August 31, 2023

August 31st, 2023 – So…I admit I do not have any firsthand knowledge on this topic, as I’m not a drinker, nor have I ever been. But occasionally the topic of soaking in a hot tub and drinking alcohol or a nice glass of wine comes up. Before you reach for your favorite drink to enjoy in the hot tub, here are some things to think about!

First, let’s talk about alcohol’s effect on your body while in a hot tub. Alcohol is a sedative and can make you feel more relaxed, but it can also dilate blood vessels and lower your blood pressure. In a hot tub, where the heat is already causing blood vessels to expand, alcohol can increase that effect. You will likely feel that buzz much faster than you would otherwise! This can lead to dizziness, fainting, and even dangerous drops in blood pressure.

Another serious concern: alcohol can impair judgment and reaction time, meaning that even a small slip in a hot tub could lead to serious injury. This is especially true if you are alone in the tub or have consumed a large amount of alcohol. 

One of the biggest potential risks of combining alcohol with hot tubbing is dehydration. Hot tubs can cause you to sweat and lose fluids, and alcohol is a diuretic, which means it increases urine production. The combination can lead to severe dehydration and even heat stroke. If you’re in a tub drinking and feel lightheaded or dizzy, this could be one of the first indicators of dehydration.

If a hot tubber chooses to imbibe while taking a soak, one may become more relaxed and lose the ability to recognize danger or react quickly. This can lead to a slip or a trip getting out of the tub—no fun and potentially dangerous! 

So, with all that being said, what can you do to enjoy both alcohol and hot tubs safely? Limiting your alcohol consumption is key. Make sure to hydrate with water before and after getting in the tub. Then, be smart and limit yourself to just one drink while you soak. And—drinking alone is never a good idea, especially when you’re hot tubbing.

Be smart. Be safe. While enjoying that favorite adult beverage while soaking is an appealing idea, it’s important to remember the potential risk of doing so. A nice glass of wine after you’ve enjoyed a hot tub soak is a much better idea.