Swim your way to better health with a swim spa

August 7, 2023

August 7th, 2023 — One of the very best (and fun!) ways to get fit is swimming. For decades, for many the idea of a place to swim at home was a pipe dream at best. Now, with Endless Pools, there is finally an attainable way to enjoy swimming at home for fun and better health.

Swimming has long been touted as one of the best ways to get a complete body workout. Not only does it provide a terrific way to exercise every muscle group, it will also help you burn calories and is excellent for your heart.

Here are five ways swimming in an Endless Pool every day will help unlock your potential!

  • Get stronger. The resistance provided by water helps you get a complete workout without putting too much strain on your joints. You’ll strengthen your core, build and tone muscles, and up your endurance. Swimming, working out with the resistance bands and more will have you feeling stronger than ever.
  • Get in a good mood. While exercise in general helps to improve your mood, swimming makes getting that exercise much more enjoyable. Research done with 700 participants who swam outside experienced a noticeable reduction in depression and negative thinking. The endorphins that get released during a swim will help improve your mood and help reduce stress.
  • Get better sleep. Getting aerobic exercise is known to help promote sleep and improve quality of sleep. Why not do that with a daily swim?
  • Get your heart healthy. No one likes a broken heart, and swimming will definitely keep your heart from breaking! Swimming will help with blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the body. A study done with a group of adults with hypertension participated in water aerobics program for ten weeks. At the end of the study, significant reductions in systolic blood pressure resulted. It has also been shown to improve resting heart rate.
  • Get reconnected. An Endless Pool in your backyard gives you, your friends, and your family a whole new way to enjoy your backyard. Reconnecting with friends and loved ones—regardless of how you do so—definitely helps with mental health. Your swim spa can be a great place to teach kids to swim, have an impromptu pool party, a girls’ night, graduation celebration, birthday parties… It can become the focal point of plenty of fun and great memories.

If you’re ready to discover all the joys of swimming at home, we’re ready to help! Visit one of our eight Olympic Hot Tub showrooms in greater Puget Sound. We’ll introduce you to all the great benefits of  Endless Pools. It will be one of the best additions to your home!