What’s Up With Hot Tub Watsu?

August 19, 2014

Are you guessing that hot tub Watsu is the latest dance craze?  Maybe a critter to be exorcised from your hot tub?Hot-tub-Watsu-hands-closeup

Not either of those. Floating While Massaged~that’s what Watsu is. Even beyond the hot tub jets-being massaged with human fingers as in Shiatsu. And, Watsu takes therapeutic Japanese Shiatsu to a new level in hot water.

The stress-relieving techniques of Zen Shiatsu are even more effective when practiced in the hot tub. A poet in California, Howard Dull, had studied Shiatsu in Japan when he started performing it in warm water and coined the term Watsu from Water+ Shiatsu.

Watsu, including massage, rocking motions, stretching, breathing, and meditation, works best in chest-deep water at 97 degrees. Hot tub not that deep? There is a variation of Watsu that Dull created just for hot tubs.

Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” The touches and stretches are as gentle and relaxed as they make you feel, especially in the water where buoyancy already eases pressure on joints and muscles. The sessions can provide another pleasant excuse for couples to enjoy their hot tub.

Watsu is becoming the next big thing at some upscale resorts, where you can enjoy the luxurious relief from stress, pain, and discomfort, including the symptoms of fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis and similar conditions.OutCastSoundSystem

You can have all the benefits in your own back yard with your partner and your own Hot Spring Spa.

Search for a Watsu practioner who can teach you both how to Watsu together in your very own hot tub.

PS: I have experienced Watsu many times. Highly recommended!

As the Romans said it, Sanum Per Aqua. Health through water.

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