Olympic Hot Tub Wins Convergence Award from Hot Spring Spas

February 4, 2014

Putting It All Together: Convergence Award honors Olympic Hot Tub’s breadth of success and teamwork.

Olympic Hot Tub Company won Hot Spring Spa’s first Convergence Award at the manufacturer’s 2014 international dealer meeting in San Diego. last month.  The award recognizes the breadth of Olympic’s global industry leadership in professionalism, customer satisfaction, sales, and marketing.

“By leveraging a broad range of selling and marketing tools including progressive social media, digital marketing, exciting merchandising, the right product mix, high profile advertising, lead nurturing, and well-trained, top-notch sellers, this dealer has built an incredible retail brand in their community,” said Mike Dunn, Watkins Manufacturing’s vice president who presented the award. “In fact, our winner could be a contender in virtually every category we recognized tonight. This dealer doesn’t just keep up with our fast-changing retail environment – they stay ahead of it.”

Dunn also noted Olympic’s revamping of its showrooms last year to enhance brand consistency and its long record of repeat business.  Olympic’s loyal customers have come back to buy second, third, and even fourth systems.

 “We were recognized for the inspirational role we’ve taken in the United States and internationally,” said co-owner Alice Cunningham. “Our website is one of the best in the industry, and our social media efforts are exceptional including our Twitter feed, blog posts, and Facebook page blog posts and marketing programs are praised, copied, and used by other dealers for their success. We are considered tops in professionalism, customer satisfaction, sales achievement, commitment to Watkins products, product knowledge, and top-rated aftermarket service. Our amazing team keeps us in the game every year. “

Olympic has collected numerous plaques since Hot Spring launched its award program in 1992. That year, Olympic won the top honor, the Locksin Thompson Award, which it also took in 2006. The company has won two of Hot Spring’s Retail Excellence for Best Marketing & Promotions and in 2008 took Best Service Department.

Olympic Hot Tub Wins Award From Hot Spring Spas

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