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February 27, 2014 In honor of the Oscars on Sunday, we’re going to the movies. Hot tubs have been a feature in movies since the 1970s. When the plot line of a film calls for a heart to heart talk, what better place to have it than a hot tub? Sure most hot tub scenes … Read More

Happy Hearts in Hot Tubs.  That’s the good news. Scientific evidence shows no harm from a hot tub soak for people with high blood pressure.  Soaking in a hot tub is of great benefit to your heart and is a hot topic for February which is American Heart Month.  All of  the naysayers, the “they … Read More

Soak. Don’t Get Soaked. There’s no place at home shows for a hot tub purchase. If you’re looking for a hot tub at a home show, you’ve gone to the wrong place. You’re looking for quality, comfort, selection, value, service, and relaxation in a spa. You won’t find that among the ginzu knives and kitchen … Read More

Porsche ads are touting many of the same pleasures that you can gain from soaking in your Hot Spring Spa.  Hard to believe that driving a Porsche would give you the same experiences. But, have you noticed the latest Porsche ads celebrating their 50th anniversary? I never realized how much having a hot tub is like having … Read More

Relaxophobia. Even the Romans had a name for it. It’s the same word in Latin as it is in English. I had not heard of this very real disorder until I met 3 women who suffered from it at Rancho La Puerta in October. That’s right. 3 hard-charging, career oriented early 30s women were so … Read More

February 6, 2014 Grab your rubber duck, caffeine of choice, a good read and you’re set.  It’s time to celebrate National Read in the Tub Day on Sunday. Why just February 9th? Why not read every day in the hot tub? If you’re like me, you’ve dropped many a good book in the water.  Here’s the … Read More

Putting It All Together: Convergence Award honors Olympic Hot Tub’s breadth of success and teamwork. Olympic Hot Tub Company won Hot Spring Spa’s first Convergence Award at the manufacturer’s 2014 international dealer meeting in San Diego. last month.  The award recognizes the breadth of Olympic’s global industry leadership in professionalism, customer satisfaction, sales, and marketing. … Read More

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