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My Friend, Matt Giovanisci owner of Swim University interviewed me a few years ago about my experience in the hot tub business for his blog on the Swim University site. One question that he asked me was “What’s the one thing you love most about the hot tub industry?”  I can never give a short … Read More

Submerging yourself in the heated water, surrounded by the massaging jets and aromatic scents feels absolutely delicious in the winter months. The philosopher, Alan Watts, used to say, “Consciousness loves contrast.”  On a cold day, you body craves heat; on a hot day, you crave cold. Instead of curling up by the fireplace piled with … Read More

This just in from the National Toy Hall of Fame!! The Rubber Duck has been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Thanks to our Olympic Hot Tub FB fans who answered the call in August to nominate their favorite hot tub toy, the duck is now officially “in”. Maybe my blog post August … Read More

It’s a fact: your whole Hot Spring Spa came from Olympic Hot Tub. So should its replacement parts. Sure, hot tub parts online are cheaper. We hear this every day: “I can buy that cheaper online.” But NOT “that part” ~ the one you need. That’s because what you’re seeing online are just parts. Usually, … Read More

The More, the Merrier! The new Hot Spring Spa Gleam makes room for eight. Gleam, the newest jewel in Hot Spring Spa’s Limelight Collection, has seating for a party of eight adults, enough for group fun and lasting memories of soaking relaxation. It’s more than 9 feet long and 3 feet deep, for close but … Read More

Happy National Pursuit of Happiness Week!  Soak up happiness in your hot tub during this special celebration. Nov. 8-13 has been established as a special time to focus on the felicitous phrase in the Declaration of Independence that asserts our right, in addition to life and liberty, to “the pursuit of happiness.” What better place … Read More

Hot Tub Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes? Yes! That’s the latest research on hot tubbing, Scientific research brings good news for November’sNational Diabetes Awareness Month. A scientific study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows strong benefits of hot tub soaking for people with Type 2 diabetes, a fast-growing illness that accounts for … Read More

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