Hot tub with your dog? I hope it’s not an everyday thing.  Well, you might make an exception for today-it’s National Dog Day-August 26th. More people have dogs for pets than any other animal.  Why?  Because they are loving and loyal companions.  They treat us better than we treat each other for the most part.  … Read More

Did you know it’s not only fun to soak in your hot tub, but it can be vital to a healthy lifestyle? Life is stressful! Have you seen the news lately? It’s enough to send you right back to bed some mornings. Too, there are always so many things to do and never enough hours … Read More

Hot Tub soaking anytime is a great pleasure.  Coupled with a view of the night sky with the full August Moon, that’s hot tub bliss. It’s time for Hot tub Astronomy 101. Here’s a bit of history: full Moon names date back to Native Americans tribes of the area of the northern and eastern United … Read More

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