Hot Tub Buyers Guide

Hot Tub Shopping: Top 10 Features That Must Be On The Model You Buy

Hot tub shopping this weekend? Be sure to check out Hot Spring Spas found exclusively throughout Puget Sound at Olympic Hot Tub’s stores in Seattle, Fife, Everett, Issaquah & Lacey. Here’s why: 10. THE SIGHT New Euro-styling makes a Hot Spring a sleek alternative to the old boxy tubs, and the new vibrant colors sparkle, … Read More

Hot Tub Filters: Everything You Need To Know

Hot tub filters have been on my mind since I heard about a customer who went to the Lacey store last week. He bought a Hot Spring Spa from me 28 years ago. He replaced that original set only last week!! This not a typo! He kept the original set of filters for 28 years.  … Read More

Public Hot Tubs-7 Tips You Need to Know Before You Soak

PLAYING IT SAFE IN SOMEBODY ELSE’S HOT TUB. You’ve paid good money to go to a resort, hotel or gym. You’re really looking forward to getting in that hot tub and washing away all of your stress and aches & pains in one big “ahh”. But wait. Not all public hot tubs provide a clean, … Read More

Hot Tub Together to ReBoot Your Family!

Hot tub together to reboot your family! Yes! Hot Tubbing is a cure for the family rut. It’s a cure for the life of busyness.  If your family has so many activities that there’s not time for real connection, make time for a hot tub soak together. You’re not alone in wanting life a better … Read More

Soaking in a hot tub before bed or even during the day can ease the cramping and pains that are symptoms of  RLS-that’s Restless Leg Syndrome.  This week is  Restless Leg Syndrome Education and Awareness Week.  It’s time to shed some light on this sleep wrecking condition.  If you have it, you typically know it.  … Read More

Hot Tub Meditation for the Beginner

July 15, 2011 – Here’s how to do a 10-Minute Mind Spa in your Hot Spring Spa. Calling it a “Mind Spa” instead of meditation takes some of the fear out of it, don’t you think? Learning to meditate is on many people’s bucket list. It’s not enough to learn how, it’s the practice that … Read More

Hot tub in hot weather to stay cool? Sounds like wacky advice found on the internet, doesn’t it? If  your inclination is to stay out of the hot tub in hot, hot weather, read on. Most of us living in the Northwest are unaccustomed to really hot summer days.  Soon we’ll be returning to 80 … Read More

Hot tubs. It’s funny how almost every conversation in life turns to hot tubs.  Does that happen to you? Or, is it just me? I had a great talk last week with my mentor, business coach, Jon Schallert of  DestinationBootCamps that turned into hot tub talk.  Jon has a mission: to strengthen small businesses and small … Read More

Hot tub chemistry is a mystery to many hot tub owners. Either they didn’t get started on the right path or bought a home with a hot tub already installed and have no clue about what to do. If you fall into one of these camps, no worries.  Follow these 6 tips for easier water … Read More

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