Here’s our Olympic Hot Tub Company list of the top 6 best hot tub accessories for summer. We’ve combined the functional, the fun, the useful and the silly. There’s something for everyone and all make great gifts for Father’s Day!! 6.  An OutCast-the Ultimate Outdoor Wireless Speaker. Every day will be a party when you … Read More

Hot Tub Safety for Kids: How to Have Fun Without Accidents

May is National Water Safety Month and a good time to revisit hot tub water safety for kids. Memorial Day will soon be here and many people will be having friends over for picnics, barbecues and hot tubbing.  (Pray for sun!) Be smart about hot water safety. Thinking about all that fun ahead can push … Read More

The latest news from the Mayfield Heights, Ohio Police Department’s Police Blotter:  “Hot Tub Not Relaxing for Neighbor.”  A  Genesee Avenue resident called police at 12:57 a.m. May 6 because a neighbor’s hot tub kept coming on every few minutes and keeping her awake, even with the windows closed. Police talked to the hot tub’s … Read More

Soak in Hot Tub Stops Gremlin Attack!

A “gremlin” is that nasty, hateful voice in your head. No matter what you call it, it’s the tape reel of all of your failures and shortcomings past, present and future. Here’s a great story how one woman stopped a “gremlin” attack and found that one of the best ways to reach her personal goals … Read More

Hot Tub for Arthritis Pain

The continuing cold weather has reminded me how hard the cold is on arthritis sufferers.  If you suffer from arthritis, take note that the Arthritis Foundation highly recommends the healing properties of hot tubs for those with the disease. Because people with arthritis have a very difficult time moving with ongoing pain, they tend to … Read More

Congratulations!  You’ve purchased a home with a hot tub. With the uptick in the real estate market, more and more people are buying homes, many of which have hot tubs in the backyard. If you’re the new owner of a hot tub, you’re probably looking forward to enjoying all of the health and relaxation benefits … Read More

Cloudy Water Hot Tub Water? Learn How to Clear it up NOW!

Troubled by cloudy water in your hot tub? It’s the pits, isn’t it? You don’t know what’s the cause. You’re standing outside next to your hot tub baffled, frustrated and probably angry.  “Who or what caused this??@*!!##,” you’re thinking. Stop fuming & fussing. The fix is easy. Use SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier to make all … Read More

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