Hot Tubs and Health

Is Hot Tub Soaking Beneficial for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

Just before I left for vacation, I received an email from Ross Currier in North Sandwich, NH asking about “Hydrotherapy For Physical And Neurological Injuries”.  Ross had posted on poolspaforum about the health problems of his fiancee, Joanne, who suffered TBI after a mountain biking accident. Here’s from Ross: Hello Alice: I posted on poolspaforum … Read More

Hot Tub in the Dark For Maximum Relaxation!

  Dr. Jeromone E. Garanato, Medical Director of the Coranary Care Unit of Allegheny General Hospital and author of “Living with Heart Coronary Heart Disease” has a wonderful suggestion: take a bath in the dark! I know he meant bath as in bath tub, but think of the benefits of hot tub soaking in the … Read More

Exposure to Nature Boosts Immunity: Soak in Your Backyard Hot Tub

We’ve found that most people don’t go out in nature (or even in their backyards) often until they get a hot tub. Spending time outdoors in the hot tub in the middle of one’s garden was a surprising benefit for new hot tub owners.  The Tuesday, July 6th edition of the New York Times published … Read More

Spark Your Creativity With a Soak in Your Hot Tub

We all get our best ideas when we’re relaxed. And, what better place to relax than in the soothing waters of your Hot Spring Spa? The right brain is the source of creativity because it has a diffuse view. The left brain is the analytical “do it now” focused part of our brains responsible for … Read More

How To Buy a Spa/Hot Tub: Buy A Safe Hot Tub-For Ultimate Peace of Mind

Hot Spring Spas are the only spa in the hot tub industry to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for meeting a comprehensive set of standards that evaluate the overall safety and performance of the entire spa. The National Sanitation Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to help consumers Live Safer™ … Read More

20 Years of Hot Tubbing and Finally No More Itchy Skin

Here’s an email I received from a longtime customer about his hot tub water care.  The sad part? He’s suffered for 20 years with dry, itch skin after his nightly soak. What a dedicated hot tubber! A nightly soak despite dry skin!! I almost cried reading his email. Read what happened when he switched to … Read More

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