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Son Purchases Hot Tub As A Surprise Gift for Father

I thought I’d heard all of the reasons why people bought a hot tub-ranging from relaxation to family fun. But this is a very rare and touching story about a Hot Spring Spa purchase by Tim Aquino a  Olympic Hot Tub Company Hot Spring Spa Envoy owner. Tim installed his spa last May and has … Read More

Hot Tub Duck Goes to Uganda

unthinkable the movie Here’s another post in our traveling duck series. Olympic Hot Tub Company hot tub owners take their hot tub ducks on trips, take photos and send them to me. It’s such a kick to receive these photos. It many not be National Geographic, but it’s a lot of fun. Hi Alice: My … Read More

Hot Tub Heaters

We went out to use our hot tub Sunday night and, yikes!, the water was not up to temperature! It was only warmish. My husband, the engineer, suspected that the heater had gone out. We have a 6 year old Prodigy model Hot Spring Spa on our roof top deck. I started thinking about older … Read More

Got Milk? Got Silk! SilkBalance Natural Water Care for Hot Tubs and Spas

Here’s an email I received yesterday from an Olympic Hot Tub owner and  SilkBalance fan: Hi Alice: second string imdb Some say “Got Milk”. We say “Got Silk”. We are on our second Hot Springs hot tub. The first one did not use the Silk Balance program. (That’s because It wasn’t available then) Now, using … Read More

Great Hot Tub Service is Defined by Service Technician, Ron

Here’s a letter about Olympic Hot Tub Company’s service and our Service Technician, Ron Gabbard, that made my day! After I received it, I spoke with Ron who was the inspiration behind this letter from a very enthusiastic Hot Spring owner. Ron said that his job is easy because “we stand behind the products we … Read More

Hot Tub Owner Loses 54 Pounds in One Day-You Can, Too

Hot tub owner writes:  I Lost 54 Pounds in ONE Day. . . . You can too! We’ve got a Jetsetter- one of the smallest spas that Hot Springs makes. Our 5 year old cover had started to become a bit of a wrestling match each time we went to flip it open. It was … Read More

Hot Tub Smells and What To Do About Them!

Does you hot tub smell musty, dank and full of too much chlorine? Your water is telling you something: “It’s not sanitary!” That’s no way to enjoy a daily soak. If your tub smells like chlorine you may have too much, but more likely you have too little!  Here’s why: chlorine added to a hot … Read More

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