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This lucky duck got to play with a dolphin in Hawaii.  Where has your Olympic Hot Tub Company duck been lately? Be sure to take him/her (?) with you on your vacation.  Add one to your suitcase as you pack so you won’t forget.  We’d love to see where you and your duck go when … Read More

This Lopez Island Grandee model Hot Spring Spa is perfectly situated to take in the Strait of Juan De Fuca and the setting sun to the west.  Even though the Grandee is the largest model Hot Spring makes, the grandeur of the setting makes it seem small. This photo is the essence of hot tub … Read More

Thanks to Marty’s Musings blog today for some thoughtful observations on her dog Leo’s devotion to the family!  As Leo keeps watch from his perch on the closed hot tub, it as if he’s illustrating “that a good spiritual director is always observing the scene, getting the context, the bigger picture, and by his/her alertness … Read More

I found information from a website, that no longer exists, that neatly summarized all of the issues and coping strategies that fibromyalgia sufferers can use.  One of the best suggestions was record keeping. Take the time to record your coping strategies if you have this difficult to manage disease. Coping with fibromyalgia is particularly difficult … Read More

It gets dark so late now that we were in the hot tub at 9:15 with a sky that was dramatically lit like this. The wind was really blowing across our roof top deck. I imagined white caps on the hot tub surface. Looking over at the 10′ aluminum ladder lying on its side on … Read More

Here’s a letter from one happy SilkBalance user! She emphasized her words by sending a photo of herself as she usually tubs-in the buff! Dear SilkBalance , I have a HotSpring Jetsetter spa and use SilkBalance in it.  I love what it does for my skin. My husband who suffered from very dry skin problems … Read More

This Aqua comb filter cleaning tool is flying off the shelves at Olympic Hot Tub. It separates the pleats so you can spray between each one. Makes the job easier, far less messy and cuts water use in half! Simply attached to your garden hose and flick the switch for a powerful spray that will … Read More

due date film to download Thanks to Brandon Jones in our Everett Olympic Hot Tub showroom for providing a photo from his recent trip to Scotland with his hot tub duck overlooking Stirling Castle near Edinburgh. Don’t leave your duck at home. You’ll need 2 ducks-one for the tub and one packed in your suitcase … Read More

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