Winter’s Coming: Time for A Hot Tub Tuneup

October 10, 2013

Hot Tub Service TechIt feels like fall and that can mean only one thing. Winter’s just around the corner.

With the best hot tub weather ahead, don’t be tubless in Seattle. Get your hot tub in top working order with a Hot Tub Tune-up by a Olympic Hot Tub Technician.

Who needs a Hot Tub Tune-Up?  You do if:

· Your hot tub is out of warranty, and you want the peace of mind of having a factory trained service tech give your tub a good once over.

· You’ve let some things go that should really be fixed, before winter and you want a bargain.

· You’ve moved into a home with an Olympic Hot Tub and need to get it up and running and get an education on how to use your tub.

· You’re a realtor and need to get an Olympic Hot Tub in excellent working order before you start showing a new listing.

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, an Olympic’s Hot Tub Tune Up Service is for you!

It’s Easy. Affordable. We come to you.

For Only $149*, an Olympic Hot Tub factory trained Service Tech will come to your home and dedicate 45 minutes to your hot tub, looking over all parts, control systems & performing diagnostic checks. Our Service Tech will do a 10 point inspection on all your hot tub’s systems:

Your Hot Tub Tune-Up Inspection includes:

Ozone/ ACE cell inspection

Heater test

Circulation pump flow test

Control systems evaluation

Visual leak inspection

Jet pump, valve and nozzle inspection

Ground fault current leak test

Hot tub cover assessment

Visual inspection of spa shell and siding

Filter inspection

If all of the above is Greek to you, that’s OK.  It’s not Greek to our Service Techs. They know exactly what to do!

Any needed parts, a new hot tub cover, accessories or water care products, you can purchase at the time of service for a 15% savings.

Now’s the time to get your hot tub in top working order. Call now 206 431-2876 to schedule your hot tub tune-up.

Our Tune Up Service is the most popular service we offer. It’s available for all Olympic Hot Tub brands: Hot Spring, Tiger River, Limelight, Hot Spot, Solana & Freeflow Spas. And, we can also perform Tune Up Services on Caldera & Dimension One Spas.

*The $149 service fee includes travel to your home and a total of 45 minutes of on-site service by our technician ($23 savings over regular service rates); additional on site service billed in 15-minute increments at current Olympic service rates.

Olympic takes the worry out of hot tub service!

As we say…Relax for life®.

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