What’s the Hottest, Sexiest Home Trend Ever?

September 12, 2013

21B, 520EHemlockNow that I have your attention.

The hottest, sexiest home trend is the installation of a Finnleo infrared saunas in the master bedroom. That’s it!

Why is this the hottest, sexiest home trend? Two main reasons:

1)     Without a bathroom remodel, there’s no room. The bedroom is the only choice.

2)     The second reason , you’ll have to work for by taking a short quiz:

a)     Because Finnelo infrared saunas are beautiful to look at and compliment any home décor? No. Great answer because no one wants to look at something ugly no matter how hot it is.

b)     Because Finnelo infrared saunas plug into a 110V outlet and cost pennies per use? No. Good answer, but not the whole story.

c)      Because Saunas are relaxing? No, but that’s a good answer, but not on the money for a sexy home trend.

The answer is NO.

The #1 reason that couples are installing infrared saunas in their bedrooms is Nitric Oxide.

I had a most interesting conversation with Dr. Jonathan Wright, the internationally known physician who specializes in natural healing. He recommends infrared saunas to many of his patients at his Tahoma clinic in Renton especially those going through chemotherapy treatments for cancer. Sweating out the toxic effects of chemotherapy is highly recommended.

But he had another reason for recommending infrared saunas:  NO.

Nitric oxide.  Studies have shown a 1400% increase in nitric oxide as a result of taking an infrared sauna 1-2X a week he told me. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels which is a good thing for patients with congestive heart failure and those who want to enjoy intimacy without a prescription!  Better than Viagra say many of his patients!

I call that the hottest sexiest home trend ever, don’t you?

The perfect place to find a Finnleo infrared sauna for your master bedroom is at Olympic Hot Tub Company.

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