Want to swim every day at home? A swim spa could be the answer

April 29, 2021

April 29th, 2021 – Spring is finally here, and summer is just around the corner! With longer warmer days ahead, a swim sounds like a terrific idea, right?

Living in Puget Sound, swimming is often one of those great recreational activities that elude many of us. Getting to a convenient spot to swim can be problematic, and if you’re in a public space or lake it can be crowded. The idea of having a swimming pool at home sounds expensive, and you may not exactly have the room (or the budget!) for a pool.

A swim spa is an excellent hybrid for those that love to swim and yearn to do it at home. The idea of a swim spa is to afford you the opportunity to do all the things you love to do in a swimming pool at a fraction of the cost! And, because they are self-contained units, you eliminate the need for permits and expensive construction bills that usually accompany swimming pool projects.

Given what we’ve all lived through the past year, the appeal of hot tubs and swim spas have skyrocketed. Why? In the case of swim spas, a few reasons:

  • Public swimming pools were forced to close.
  • We all needed ways to create safe spaces at home to not only work and home school, but also create personal escapes where everyone could get together safely.
  • Relaxing and improving health & well-being have become more important than ever!

Because of the incredible demand, it made sense for Olympic to start offering swim spas. With our years of focus on wellness through water, swim spas were a terrific addition to our line of hot tubs. We selected Vita Swim Spas and could not be more excited to help everyone who wishes to fulfill their dreams to swim at home come true!

With models as compact as 12’0” in length up to an 18’0” option for those with extra room, there’s a perfect fit for anyone looking to add a swim spa to their backyard. The xStream Propulsion Jet System gives even the most avid competitive swimmer a terrific stream of water for training. The roomy interior of each allows for plenty of aquatic fun for the whole family, too. Swim spas also afford an outstanding way to teach kids how to feel comfortable in water and swim safely.

Whether you’re a triathlete, weekend warrior, someone who wants to incorporate swimming for exercise and weight loss…the list goes on for why a swim spa could be the perfect answer to add to your home.

If you’re in our service area and want to explore Vita Swim Spas, we’re ready to help! We’d love to help your swim at home dreams come true! Visit one of our showrooms or request more info today.