Top Eight Questions and Answers About SilkBalance Natural Water Care for Hot Tubs and Spas

April 28, 2010
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Here’s everything you want to know about using  SilkBalance natural water care for your hot tub or spa.

#1 What is SilkBalance? What’s in it?

SilkBalance is laboratory-formulated blend of buffering and sequestering agents to balance water hot tub and spa water. This eliminates the need to test and adjust individual chemicals in the spa which many people have difficulty with. In addition, SilkBalance has several other additives, which act to preserve water in a fresh state and protect spa and hot tub components like heaters and pumps.

#2  How does SilkBalance work??

SilkBalance works by removing the food sources from the water that bacteria feed on in order to live and multiply. It also reduces the surface tension of the water making it very difficult for bacteria to form the protective slime around themselves called Biofilm. (Biofilm protects a bacterial colony so it can grow). The result when you use SilkBalance in your spa or hot tub? Little or no bacterial content is found in the water.

#3 Will SilkBalance sanitizer the water in my hot tub or spa?

No, however it does contain additives which act as passive biostat agents. They act as preservatives like the silver used in cosmetics to keep it fresh and safe for use.

#4 So, I still need to use a sanitizer in my hot tub or spa, right?

Yes, the use of a non-chlorine shock MPS after bathing eliminates the body wastes being left in the water like sweat, skin, hair, body lotions, dust, etc. that act as food for bacteria.

SilkBalance does not eliminate these.  If you do not have ozone or also use a mineral Ion cartridge, we recommend the use of a weekly dose of chlorine granules as a safety measure.

#5 What are the benefits of  SilkBalance?

It eliminates on average 15 minutes week you usually spend measuring adding and testing various products. This amounts to 13 hours over a year.

It eliminates having to buy and think about all of the balancing products. It’s simple to use. The peace of mind from knowing your hot tub water is always perfectly balanced is enormous.

Another major benefit is the elimination of bad or chemical odors in the water or that are left on the skin. Many women don’t like to use a spa frequently for this reason.

Lastly, by not requiring the high maintenance of a chlorine level in the water, the good bacteria on the skin is not affected and there is no dry, itchy feeling after leaving the spa. It’s proven safe for those who suffer from psoriasis. This benefit alone has enabled thousands of hot tub owners to use their spas again.

#6 Is SilkBalance safe?

SilkBalance meets all U.S. standards for safety and reliability. It’s been tested by dermatologists for skin safety as well. It’s safe for the environment because it’s made of natural ingredients. The water is even safe for pets to drink AND for watering your flower beds.

#7  Is SilkBalance expensive to use?

Think about why you purchased a spa in the first place. You want to relax and not have to hassle with water care. Your spa use is related to the relaxation factor and condition of the water. Itchy skin, bad smells, cloudy water all make spa use unsatisfying.  And, many people find the time and frustration so great that they give up using their spa altogether.

So is it expensive?

No, not if you consider the time and frustration an issue

No, not if you can’t use your spa because of skin irritation.

No, not if you want to have the best water experience with no after effects like dry skin or chemical smells.

No, not if you like the convenience and want the best possible product for your body to bathe in that’s all natural and safe for the environment.

#8 What’s the “catch”?

There is NO “catch”!

If the product doesn’t work to keep your water clean, clear and smelling good, if you don’t appreciate time saving and lack of frustration, and, if your skin doesn’t feel soft and smooth without itching or flaking after using your hot tub, return it for a FULL REFUND

. What’s to lose?

Stop soaking in a vat of chemicals. Make the switch to SilkBalance today! Available at Olympic Hot Tub Company’s estore for quick shipment anywhere in the U.S.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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