Hot Tub cinema

The world is watching movies from hot tubs!

January 26, 2018

January 26, 2018 – The Oscar nominations were just announced this week, and the 90th Academy Awards is not far away. Alice, who founded Olympic with her husband Blair way back in 1977, was definitely known for two things: being a hot tub lover and being a film lover. It appears the world is now taking two of her favorite things and creating one terrific pastime—the hot tub cinema.

I first found out about this around a year and half ago, but it actually got its start in 2012. In London, groups were getting together on rooftops and taking in a movie from the toasty comfort of a hot tub! For 22 pounds (about $31), you could have a seat in a shared tub to watch a film. Or, you could hire a private hot tub for 25 pounds each (about $35). You got to take in the city view to boot—not a bad night out.

Since its inception, hot tub cinemas have popped up in a number of places, including England’s Shoreditch Underground Station, Ibiza, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and New York City. New York’s launch show sold out in no time. Now, it appears an Australian-based group is bringing Hot Tub Cinema to Vancouver, BC.

This latest venture is scheduled for May. The plan is for 20 hot tubs that will each hold five tubbers that can take in a film. While they have yet to announce the venue, I imagine it will be a terrific spot to take in the lovely views of Vancouver while enjoying a movie in a totally fun unique way that we heartily endorse.

If you’re game, you should check out Hot Tub Cinema’s site and sign up for pre-release tickets. What a terrific reason to head up to Vancouver!