The Real Skinny on Hot Tubs And Weight Loss

August 12, 2014

Soak the Pounds Off. Hot tubbing’s beneficial side effects may include weight loss. The extended sunshine in Seattle these past weeks has made most people shed their fleece pullovers for shorts & tee shirts. That look over winter’s flab has made many people search for weight loss remedies. And, maybe even try working out and cutting calories.

So, what’s a hot tub got to do with weight loss? More than you think and less.

No, the extra weight isn’t going to disappear down the drain as you sit in the hot tub. A 150-pound persons buns about 17 calories in a 15-minute session – results may vary depending on age, gender, and health – but it’s what happens next that matters.  But, yes, a relaxing soak promotes lifestyle changes that can yield big benefits.

  • Eat less. An 8-ounce glass of water and a 20-minute soak before dinner will leave you less hungry when you get to the table.
  • Sleep better. Scientific research shows that seven hours’ sleep a night really is beauty rest – people who get two hours less are far more likely to have significant weight gain.
  • Practice yu. The Japanese call hot water – “yu” – the best medicine and compare it to a full meal. Certainly a soak provides the satisfaction of comfort food without the calories.

The hot tub’s role in weight loss was the inspiration for Bridget Praytor, who wrote The Hot Tub Diet after her gym visits were limited to soaking because of injuries from a car accident. Praytor found her life-changing experience in the hot tub rather than fad diets and strenuous workouts. She found the strength inside herself while relaxing in the swirling jets of warm water. You can too. Order the Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System and bring the ocean to your hot tub!

Looking to lose weight? For best results, include your Hot Spring Spa in whatever regimen you select.

As the Romans said it, Sanum per Aqua. Health through water.


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