Large and small-bottle of SilkBalance

Soft skin while soaking a hot tub doesn’t have to be hard

November 21, 2017

Large and small bottles of SilkBalanceNovember 21, 2017 – When winter time rolls around, we think there’s just nothing better than a toasty soak in the hot tub in the chill of night. What a terrific way to warm yourself and set your body up for a restful night’s sleep?

But—we know that there are a lot of folks out there who struggle with dry skin conditions. Winter weather doesn’t help us out much, either. The cold temperatures and wind rob our skin of moisture that help it stay soft and supple. Sometimes hot tub soaking will cause dry skin challenges too.

Well, we’ve offered this up before, and we’re here to tout it again: consider switching your hot tub to one treated with SilkBalance. There’s no better time to give your hot tub water care a makeover than in the winter.

SilkBalance is wonderful for a variety of reasons. First, it helps stabilize your pH levels in your hot tub. Not only is this better for the tub’s components, a neutral pH is also better for your skin, and helps ward off any added drying effects that hot tub soaking might deliver.

Second, it helps your tub stay cleaner on the inside—where you can’t reach! SilkBalance contains an ingredient which helps stave off biofilm buildup in your tub’s plumbing and parts. Biofilm prevention offers a cleaner healthier environment for soaking night after night.

The big payoff comes from what SilkBalance will do for your skin when you soak. Because it’s specifically designed to counteract the drying effects that result from soaking in hot water, you will absolutely feel a difference! After soaking, you’ll discover that there’s no need to shower off and lotion up to restore lost moisture from a soak. The water truly has a different feel! SilkBalance’s proprietary formula was created to make sure that every soak is terrific, and doesn’t leave your skin suffering.

If you’re tired of old school hot tub water care, take a chance on SilkBalance. We guarantee you’ll love it! It’s been such a hit here at Olympic that we’ve made it our standard water care with all new Hot Spring Spas.

Happy soft skin soaking!