Question of the Day: Why Has Olympic Hot Tub Company Switched to SeaKlear Spa Products?

June 9, 2010

One of our Olympic Hot Tub customers,  Barbara Erickson, Hot Spring Spa Sovereign model owner, sent an email with this question on Monday:  “Why the change from Spa Essentials to SeaKlearSpa products?  Do you own SeaKlear?”


After falling out of my chair with laughter at that last part, and, no, we don’t own SeaKlear. I thought of all of the reasons why we switched. Switching to another chemical line was a very hard decision. This is only our 3rd product line in 34 years. The first, Portland based Little Chemical, went out of business leaving us with no product to sell.  SpaEssentials came to the rescue. However, SpaEssentials went through a reorganization. We no longer had a local rep. We were increasingly worried about our pricing structure and the ease of obtaining products. So the following are the reasons we made the switch to SeaKlear: proven safe, tested for effectiveness and environmentally conscious and best of all Made In America.


SeaKlear is a local company based in Bothell, Washington.  All products are made in Washington. The shipping is far less and that is part of our  Green message. Buy Local.


. ALL of their spa/hot tub products are MADE IN AMERICA. They are tested, proven safe and effective.  They must pass strict EPA standards-the strictest standards in the world. We feel that American made products for spas and hot tubs are vitally important for personal safety. We do not sell any products made offshore (China) due to the big risk of pollutants and the lack of testing and safety standards. We do not want our customers to sit in vats of unknown chemicals with possible dire side effects!

SeaKlear Mighty Pods Package3. SEAKLEAR RECYCLES. SeaKlear recycles crab shells for it’s clarifier. Waste products that would otherwise be dumped into Puget Sound and other waters are used for their clarifier.

4. CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. SeaKlear has a dedicated hot line from 6:30AM-4Pm PST Monday through Friday 1-866-99-KLEAR  to answer any questions that consumers have about their products. Even before our stores open at 10AM, our customers can reach a live, LOCAL person for help and assistance in getting their hot tub water clear and clean.

5.  SAVE MONEY. We have been able to save customers money by switching to SeaKlear and buying locally.  Their products are less expensive, the shipping is less and we have passed the savings onto our customers.

6. CUSTOMER RESPONSIVE. SeaKlear has been very responsive to the needs of our customers. They have produced sizes for us that corresponded to the SpaEssentials sizes so customers had an easier time with the switch over. They have been working for two years (that is, it has taken two years to get EPA approval due to bureaucratic backlogs) to have a combined chlorine/shock ready for our customers.  It will be available this month!!  Our SilkBalance customers are overjoyed. Now only one product in addition to SilkBalance will be needed to maintain clean, clear, sanitary water!


7. RECYCLE YOUR USED CONTAINERS. We can recycle all SeaKlear bottles. In fact, bring in an empty Seaklear container and you’ll receive $1.00 off your next purchase.

Barbara, I hope that answers your question about our switch from SpaEssentials to SeaKlear. They make the best spa products available on the  market today for keeping spa and hot tub water safely clean and clear for less money!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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