territority dealer of the year award 2010

Olympic Hot Tub Company Earns Territory Dealer of the Year from Hot Spring Spas

January 28, 2010

Thanks to our outstanding team of employees, Olympic Hot Tub Company was awarded the Hot Spring Spa Territory Dealer of the Year in San Francisco last week. Shown in the photo L-R are Michael Evans, Troy Scott, Blair Osborn (my husband & partner in Olympic Hot Tub Company), Don Riling, Olympic Sales Manager, Steve Hammock, President of Watkins Mfg. makers of Hot Spring Spas and Mike Dunn, Sales VP for Watkins.

It’s really an honor to be selected for this award which Olympic has won 5 times.  There are many dealers in our Hot Spring territory who are deserving of this, yet Olympic was judged best in the region 2009.  Steve Hammock Watkins President joked when handing us the award, “We should inscribe Olympic’s name permanently on this award because you’ve won it so many times.” We realize the value of teamwork and dedication from each member of our staff to keep Olympic at the top. We appreciate each of our staff members and how hard they work to keep our customers happy and to keep Olympic #1 every day!

Many thanks to everyone for helping us to achieve this award!!


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