Marriage Advice: Here’s the Fastest Way To End An Argument

June 17, 2014


June 17, 2014

Cooling Off in the Hot Tub. Did you know that the couple that soaks together stays together and argues less often!

Hot tubs are great for sparking romantic chemistry. Turns out they’re also great for curing not-so-romantic chemistry. 

Researchers are finding more and more connections between feelings and physiology. For example, a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that low blood sugar levels are related to aggressive actions, possibly because the person lacks energy to exercise self-control. The 107 couples in the study stuck up to 51 pins in voodoo dolls to indicate their anger at a spouse, and they had a chance to blast their partner with loud noise through headphones. Those with low blood sugar used far more pins and blasted with longer, louder noise. The leader of the study, Brad Bushman of The Ohio State University, said they were “hangry” – hungry and angry – and suggested a snack could head off a spat. 

Likewise, researchers have found that men and women react differently to stress – including the stress of a disagreement. A study of brain activity published in the journal NeuroReport in 2010 showed that men are less able to read facial expressions and understand others’ emotions in stressful situations, but stress increases those abilities for women while women are more able to read such expressions. That can compound the frustration in the midst of an argument. 

Want to nip arguments in the bud before they escalate? Check out our blog post: Note to Wives: Put Your Husband in The Hot Tub At The First Sign of an Argument. The spa is an instant stress reliever. How could anyone fight while sharing the warm-water jets skin to skin? Smoothing out the tension can restore the body’s balance as well as the emotions. Jump in together – the water’s fine, and you will be, too. And to really snuff out an argument before it starts, share a snack in the spa for a little sugar boost.

As the Romans said it, Sanum Per Aqua. Health through water.


Note to Wives: Put Your Husband in the Hot Tub at The First Sign of An Argument

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