Looking for an Owners’ Manual for Your Hot Spring, Limelight, Hot Spot, Tiger River, Solana or Freeflow Spa?

January 16, 2015


January 16, 2015

Like most manuals hot tub owners’ manuals are tossed in a drawer unread until a problem pops up on a Saturday night.  You search for the manual and can’t find it. Your hot tub store is closed.

What to do?

Manuals for every Hot Spring, Limelight, Tiger River, Hot Spot, Solana and Freeflow Spa ever made are right on our Olympic Hot Tub website. All are hot tubs made by Watkins Manufacturing.  All the manuals are easy to download and search to find the answer to your pressing question.

Better to find out the answer than take a wild guess, right?

Res severa est verum gaudium as the Romans said it. Pleasure is a serious business.


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