iPad Your Hot Tub-Hot New Accessory

March 19, 2013
Use your ipad while you hot tub!
Use your iPad while you hot tub!

When I first saw this new product in our Olympic Hot Tub stores, my left-brain rejoiced. What a neat gizmo! I’ll have constant connection and entertainment in my Hot Spring Spa.

But then my right brain took over and asked, “Are you nuts?  Do you want to be multi-tasking in the hot tub? Why not sit quietly and meditate? Stay in the present instead of somewhere in the webasphere. Hot tubs are for unwinding, disengaging; for finding balance in your life, etc.

As my contemplative side tussled with my active side, I thought why not have options? 2013 America is all about options. When you want to space out, leave the gizmo in the house.  When you want to work, catch up with friends, or troll Ebay for bargains, the tablet waterproof dry case is your new best friend.  Now you can download that great stargazing app, have it to look at on your iPad while soaking in your Hot Spring Spa!

No vacation this year?  You’ll never miss it when you can use your ipad from your own backyard hot tub.  No reservations, bad weather, or hassles.  Stay home and save money!

This tablet waterproof dry case let’s you work on that ipad as you hot tub and not worry about moisture. The waterproof case for the iPad & iPad Mini. DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof bag that allows complete use of your iPad while keeping it dry and clean.  Simply pump out all the air with the easy to use hand pump and the bag will vacuum seal around the iPad and become completely waterproof.

The airtight seal guarantees that the iPad will stay dry even when you drop it in the hot tub (which I guarantee you will do at least once).  Every DryCase comes with a neoprene activity armband for water sports (like hot tub water polo), and is crystal clear so pictures can be taken through it while using the other side.  (Do ask permission to take your hot tubbing friends’ photos, won’t you?).

Complete with waterproof stereo headphone & microphone jack, the DryCase works with any Tablet or E-Reader.  Like I said, it’s all about options.  Now you can stay connected when you hot tub.  It’s a must have!

Order one today from the Olympic Hot Tub estore or pick one up at any Olympic Hot Tub store.

RES SEVERA EST VERUM GAUDIUM. Latin for True Pleasure is a Serious Business.


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