How to handle device and caution fatigue? With a hot tub!

July 10, 2020

July 10, 2020 -As time marches on and we’re all trying to survive the pandemic, it stands to reason that our bodies may be experiencing very real and different side effects that are entirely new and can pose threats of their own.

The first one I certainly can relate to is device fatigue. Do you ever even put your cell phone or laptop down during the course of a day? Man, I’ve found myself sitting down sometimes at 7:30 in the morning to then look up and discover that’s it’s 3:00 p.m. and I haven’t even had a bite to eat! During that whole time, my cell phone and laptop were in nearly constant use.

The physiological pressure this puts on you is significant. Eye strain and headaches can easily result. You can experience plenty of back and neck pain; your arms, wrists and fingers take a beating too!

Another very true condition starting to take its toll on many is caution fatigue. I will say this has been weighing on me quite a bit of late. The exercise of having to go through every day practicing extreme caution to avoid illness can not only be mind-numbing, it can also take its toll emotionally and physically. Emotions can range from irritation that we’re still making sure we’re doing all we can to keep things clean and sanitized to depression and weariness from having to mask up to protect others. The constant vigilance can exhaust you. It will impact your energy level, and tax you physically and mentally. Ultimately, caution fatigue can convince you that it’s not absolutely necessary to be as vigilant as you were before and to start relaxing your efforts and inadvertently taking risks.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think any of us can afford that!

Fortunately, there is a magical wonder “drug” out there that will help with both device and caution fatigue: soaking in hot water. And naturally, hot water soaks are even better when they’re done in a hot tub!

There can be nothing better to combat what I’ve mentioned than the endorphin release that hot water soaking provides. Not only will it lift your spirits, a good soak will also help rid you of any anxiety to help you get a far more restful night’s sleep.

Getting the chance to immerse yourself in hot water and use the jetting in a hot tub will really help rescue you from the aches and pains you could be feeling after being device-bound for hours on end. The buoyancy helps relieve stress on achy joints. With a Hot Spring Spa, you’ll appreciate the added buoyancy that salt water soaking affords, thanks to the FreshWater Salt System.

Hot tub jetting offers much-needed massage to alleviate tension and soreness in your back, neck, and shoulders. If you have a Hot Spring Spa, you’ve got some of the best hydromassage available! The Moto-Massage jet alone has been a savior for me many times over. It’s hard to beat dual jets sweeping up and down your back treating you to a full back massage. There’s truly nothing like it.

Don’t let device and caution fatigue plague you! Take advantage of the massage and hot water benefits that soaks in a hot tub provide. It can be a true ally for you as you continue to forge ahead towards a virus-free existence.

Stay safe!