How many ways can you use less chlorine? Let us count the ways

May 10, 2021

May 10th, 2021 – You may have heard recently on the news that chlorine is one of the latest supply issues that has arisen from the pandemic. Now, this is REALLY about the type of chlorine used in swimming pools. (Note! There is a difference between the mix of chlorine used in a pool vs. a hot tub!)

When this latest supply challenge emerged, it got us at Olympic realizing there are plenty of ways you can reduce the amount of chlorine you’re using in your hot tub. If you’re someone who loves hot tubbing but not using chlorine, here are some tips to use less of it.

  • Install or replace an ozone system. Ozone is a terrific way to minimize chlorine use. When installed in your tub, it will oxidize contaminants. It will also afford you the opportunity to do less balancing, since ozone tends to help keep your pH neutral. If you have an ozone system, you could incorporate the use of a silver ion cartridge. The combination of ozone and silver allows you to only use a bit of Spa Shock after each use—and about a teaspoon of chlorine once a week! If you’re not quite sure if your ozone system is still operational (typical life is around three years), you can use a Ozone Detection Kit to get your answer.
  • Be sure your pH is balanced. You can’t believe the number of customers I’ve talked to over the years that tell me they never test their hot tub water! The key to healthy safe soaking is properly sanitized and balanced water. When pH is high, it will reduce the effectiveness of chlorine available to kill bacteria by up to 80%. When pH is out of balance, it also contributes to dry/itchy skin, odor, and eye irritation. Often people think they’re allergic to chlorine, which is truly very rare. Improper pH balance causes the issues. Neutral pH = less chlorine use. Test your alkalinity and pH levels regularly.
  • Try an @ease System. @ease combines silver with a SmartChlor cartridge that will dispense just the right amount of supplemental chlorine to work in tandem with silver to keep your hot tub water sanitized and fresh. It comes in a handy ball that will flip when it’s time to change your SmartChlor cartridge. The trace amount of chlorine in a SmartChlor cartridge is far better than just dosing your tub with granular chlorine after each use.
  • Consider getting a Hot Spring Spa with a FreshWater Salt System. If you’re in the market for a new tub and want to really get to the best safe healthy way to soak today, a Hot Spring Spa with a FreshWater Salt System is the answer! Hot Spring has had integrated salt water technology in their tubs for over a decade. The system has evolved over time into an incredibly user-friendly system that designs out most bottled products. With the system generating natural chlorine out of the salt, you’re sitting in far healthier water that’s softer on your skin. Plus, the cartridges are recyclable and, with proper care, the water in your tub can last upwards of a year before needing changed! Far better for you, far better for your skin, far better for the environment…and far less chlorine needed.