Hot Tubbing and the Brain

March 18, 2011

As we continue our celebration of  Brain Awareness Week, I’m reminded what many of our Olympic Hot Tub customers call their hot tubs: “think tanks.”

Years ago I sold a Hot Spring Classic to a woman who had been working 6-ten  hour days a week. She had the hot tub installed and began to use it every night after a long day.  She was surprised to find that her mind became so relaxed in the hot tub that new ideas bubbled up with no effort on her part.

Soon an idea percolated up to her consciousness that when put in place would allow her to earn twice as much in half the time.

She never did share her secret for making twice the income in half the time, but her use of the hot tub as a “think tank” was a turning point for her and many, many others since.

So take a cue from Rodin’s “The Thinker”.  We all need a place to get away and think..if not to actually think, to calm the chattering brain and sort out all the input from the day. The world is becoming more complex everyday. As we try to keep up, our brains which were designed for far less input, are not able to keep up.

Give yourself and your brain a break by soaking in your hot tub nightly to restore your mind and to let those great ideas bubble up. You will get your best ideas while relaxing in your hot tub also known as “think tank”.  I guarantee it!

Have another name for your hot tub? Send it in. Whatever you call it, we’d love to hear it. Our goal: 101 names for hot tub.

And, if you’ve gotten a terrific idea while soaking in your “think tank” Olympic Hot Tub, share it, won’t you?

SANUM PER AQUA– Latin for Health through Water.

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