Hot tub shopping: Get the right tub for you instead of the right now tub

May 15, 2020

May 15, 2020 – This has been the most interesting time of my life in the hot tub industry. When we were all mandated to stay at home, I didn’t know what that would hold for our business.

Well, extended time at home has made everyone realize how incredibly important a hot tub as a safe retreat can be. Our time on the phone and online with customers looking for the right hot tub for them has been non-stop. Often, I’m at home talking with folks at 8:30 at night to help find the perfect hot tub to help ease the monotony of being at home and giving everyone a way to enhance their health and well-being.

A couple of my friends over the past month asked me about inflatable hot tubs. Inflatable hot tubs. I would think anyone thinking logically would realize that an inflatable hot tub is not an answer that would be smart for any long-term use. I certainly re-directed them on that idea!

We’ve had this incredibly fortunate problem of selling a lot of Hot Spring & Freeflow Spas over the past eight weeks. Since we can’t get many new hot tubs shipped to us right now, we’ve got nearly three dozen customers who have bought tubs from us waiting for the one they really want to arrive. Why? Because these people realize that, while getting a hot tub right now would be terrific, getting the right tub is far more important!

If you’re one of those people out there who has realized you should have a hot tub, congratulations! You’re not only going to love it right now; you’re going to love it for years to come—if it’s the right tub. DO NOT settle for a tub because it’s cheaper or it happens to be something that can be delivered right now if it’s not the best hot tub for you. Hot tubs are an investment, and work needs to be done in order to get them installed and set up. Make sure you spend your money wisely.

Are you one of those who has decided it’s time to find the right tub for you? If you’re in our service area here in the Northwest, take a look at the entire collection of Hot Spring & Freeflow Spas on our website. Not only am I confident you’ll love what you find, I’m confident that when you get a tub from Olympic it will be the right tub for you!