Hot Tub Reality Show!?

August 7, 2008

Email of the Day:

“Good morning, Alice. We would like to offer you the opportunity for a product placement in one of our upcoming series. We are meeting with a network in LA the week of August 25th to formally discuss our reality show called X-TUB. This scenario consists ofex-couples that are willing to try to get back together by resolving conflicts and making compromises. Each couple brings two of their friends for their “side of the story.” The clinch is the main meeting takes place in a HOT TUB, called the X-TUB. Audience ranging 20-36. We would like to offer a product placement for the main focus HOT TUB. Our meeting with the network for “X-TUB” is coming up shortly, and would like to have a list of considered products placements. Sincerely, Golaith Productions”


As the world turns!I turned the offer of a product placement down, but was quite amused by the concept of hot tubbing in a reality show. I’ve been talking about the hot tub as the place to communicate and maintain relationships for years. Away from distractions like TV and phones, many couples tell us they go in every night to talk about their day and stay connected. In fact, one of the top reasons for purchasing is relationship togetherness. Being in hot water almost makes a fight impossible. If there’s any chance to salvage a relationship, talking it out in a hot tub is a great place to start.

But if the bond is already broken, here’s something else I’ve observed. Once the divorce is final, the partner who didn’t get the house and the hot tub, comes in to buy a bigger one!

Watch for X-TUB. Good luck to Goliath Productions!