Hot Tub Owner Loves his New Hot Spring Spa with SilkBalance

June 14, 2010

Dear Olympic Hot Tub Company:

I absolutely love our new Hot Spring spa!

I travel out of town for work 5 days a week and the first thing I do after being on the road for a week is to kiss my wife and jump into the tub.

The feature I like the most about our spa is the fresh water and the Silk Balance water conditioner.

I have dry skin and all of the other hot tubs I have been in leave my skin dry and itchy. With the SilkBalance product I can soak in the tub before and after a round of golf without drying out my skin.

Thanks to your company and Jon Hutter in the Issaquah store for introducing us to this great product.

Attached is a photo with our our dog Sammy!  She is jealous because she can’t come in but likes to hang out on the steps.


Kevin LaMair

Redmond WA

Hot Springs Vanguard

I love a man who has his priorities straight! He comes home from a road trip, kisses his wife and then jumps in the tub. I can’t say it often enough. SilkBalance is THE way to go for hot tub care. Not only does it balance the water perfectly, it eliminates mixing and testing and adding all of the other chemicals that used to go in the tub like pH up, pH down, Alkalinity +, calcium hardness and the like. And, it eliminates dry, itchy skin after soaking.  Your skin will feel silky smooth and soft not dry & scaly.

It’s the perfect product! Don’t just take my word for it. See the many testimonials for SilkBalance from hot tub owners everywhere.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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