Hot Tub Heaters

February 24, 2010

We went out to use our hot tub Sunday night and, yikes!, the water was not up to temperature! It was only warmish. My husband, the engineer, suspected that the heater had gone out. We have a 6 year old Prodigy model Hot Spring Spa on our roof top deck.
I started thinking about older hot tubs and the fact that the heater used to be the most vulnerable part of the system of any hot tub system. Typically heaters lasted 2-3 years before needing replacement because they were very susceptible to corrosion from bad water chemistry. The exclusive Hot Spring No-Fault® heaters are made with a titanium alloy that stands up to improper water balance-i.e. pH too low or high and alkalinity and hardness out of whack.  Not that our tub is ever out of balance, my husband is meticulous about keeping the water in perfect condition. So 6 years since our original purchase is a good long time and double what the life expectancy of regular in-line hot tub heaters is. One more reason why Hot Spring Spas are a great investment.
My husband called for service yesterday and Reg Akright, Olympic Hot Tub Company’s Head Service Technician, came out this morning and had the new heater installed in under 20 minutes.

Reg was the Service Technician with an opening in his schedule.   Reg celebrated his 20th Anniversary with Olympic in October.  He is known as the most knowledgeable and skilled technician in the entire Hot Spring network.  Reg could probably replace a heater blindfolded.

Thanks to Reg for all he does for our Olympic customers and for being an integral part of  our company and a major contributor to our success for 20 years. We appreciate him more than words can express. That’s a photo of Reg holding the 20 year plaque we awarded him.
By the way, Reg’s avocation is stone sculpting. He was honored as the Snohomish Arts Council’s Artist of the Year for 2008. And as his peers have observed: “He is a regionally known and well respected stone sculptor who is actively creating wonderful works of art that enhance our cultural lives. His work is in private and public collections up and down the Pacific Coast. ”
RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.

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