Hot Tub Fashion Week: Everything You Need to Know To Be Fashionable While Hot Tubbing

September 9, 2011

Hot tub fashionistas! It’s Fashion week in New York and time to speak out on what the fashionable hot tubber will be wearing to, from and in the hot tub this coming season.

 1.  FOOTWEAR. Shoes of all kinds hold my interest for longer than is probably good for my brain.  But  I do enjoy wearing interesting shoes on my feet. Mostly I wear Icon shoes, but out to the hot tub, its  FitFlops.  Going barefoot is nice on a warm evening, but why take a chance of tracking sand, dirt, leaves into the hot tub?  FitFlops the are perfect walk to the hot tub solution. They feel great and are virtually indestructible. Their contribution to fashion may be debatable, however.  I leave that debate to you.  My post on FitFlops was one of the most popular last year: “Footwear for the Walk to the Hot Tub: Update.”

2.  SWIMSUITS. Moving up the body, swimsuits have always been controversial vis a vis the hot tub. There are some real nude fans out there, but in recent years modesty has prevailed and swim suits in the hot tubs are “in” or “on”.  Buying a new swim suit is so traumatic for most women, that the thought of losing it to an early death by chlorine is painful. Save that perfect suit  by following these tips in my post:  “Swimsuits and Hot Tub Soaking. Seven Tips for Style.”

3.  TOWELS AND DECORATIVE CLIPS.  The right kind of towel is all important for hot tubbing. You want one that doesn’t get heavy, soggy or show the dirt. Aquis towels are perfect for hot tubbers.  And, to make them more fashionable when wrapping them sarong style, you’ll want the perfect decorative clip. Knots just don’t do it during Fashion Week.  Read “Best Towel and Decorative Clip”to be in the fashion swim.

4.  ROBES. I’m including robes-terrycloth mostly-in the Fashion Week lineup just to be complete. I don’t think a terrycloth robe can ever be considered “fashionable”.  Up for debate? Let me hear your thoughts. Show me a fashionable terrycloth robe and I’ll change my mind.

5.  HATS.  What would Fashion Week be without accessories? And where would Seattlites be without hats for hot tubbing in the rain?  Sure, you could hold an umbrella aloft while soaking, but how relaxing is that? Umbrella + hat= Umbrella hat. Functional, fun and,to some, completely over the top but one person’s fashion is another’s “I’d rater die than wear that.” I’ll let you decide the fashion rating on the umbrella hat. Read “Hot Tub Fashion Week Finale: Hats for the Hot tub”  for the full story on hats.

That’s a wrap fashion fans. See you in fashion at the hot tub.

Sua cuique voluptasLatin for Everyone has his own pleasures.