Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide: Just Say No To a Wood Cabinet. Everwood is the Only Way To Go.

October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014

3 cheers for Everwood Care-Free Hot Tub Maintenance!

What is Everwood®?

Everwood is a revolutionary cabinet material that combines the warmth and beauty of redwood with the low maintenance and high durability of rigid polymers. And, it’s a Hot Spring Spa exclusive. The embossed wood grain and rich color give it a natural redwood grain appearance. It’s manufactured in 3 attractive cabinet colors that will match any landscape: Mocha, Monterey Gray (as shown in the photo) and Teak.

Cleaning Everwood? Simple. Just spray the surface with a mild soap and water solution, and then rinse with water. No scrubbing is necessary.

Maintenance? A breeze since Everwood won’t crack, peel, blister, or delaminate, even after prolonged exposure to the elements – which is why it comes with a 5 year limited warranty. It will not mildew or allow fungus to grow during damp, rainy weather. It has very high UV resistance with minimum, natural discoloration over time. And, best of all, it can be painted or stained. The primer and paint are available in common paint stores or through the Sherwin-Williams Company

Everwood is far better than wood for hot tub cabinets. With Everwood you spend less time caring for your spa, and more time relaxing in it. With Everwood, you’re soaking in luxury, inside the tub and out.

Hot tub shopping? Select a hot tub with an Everwood cabinet and save hours of maintenance and get to cherish the “new” look for years. It’s the one thing you’ll see in your backyard for the life of your hot tub.

See the beauty at an one of our 5  Olympic Hot Tub locations. 

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS as the Romans said it, pleasure is a serious business.

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