Hot Tub Buyers Guide: Best Advice: Don’t Buy a Hot Tub Online

January 31, 2011

We’ve been hearing from more and more customers about their woes and troubles with hot tubs they purchased on line.  In fact, our spa delivery service has picked up 36 Costco tubs in the past year because the purchasers’ were not happy! Number of hot tubs returned by Olympic Hot Tub Company customers last year: zero. Here’s an email from one of our customers who bought an online hot tub, regretted it, then came to Olympic:

“Don at Olympic Hot Tub Company was our salesman–he was great. We were in the showroom for several hours and he answered all our questions. He even took the panel off the tub so we could look inside. This tub is replacing a new Costco tub that was returned due to malfunction and we really wanted to get the best “fit”. Don was excellent, knowledgeable and very warm/polite. Thank you!”
–Chris & Nichole Sargent, 2009 Hot Spot LaPalma

In the long run, it’s not about getting the cheapest price, but the best value for your money.  Here’s another online story from one of our sales staff:

“A customer was going to buy a spa online from Costco, but a friend recommended that he visit our store before he ordered it. After shopping at Olympic and understanding the difference between what he was considering and the quality of Hot Spring, he ordered a Vanguard Hot Spring Spa with an ACE Salt Water Care System-a Hot Spring exclusive for salt water care. Yes, Costco customers are also looking for the best product, it just so happens in this case they don’t have it.”

Why take a chance online?

1. Go to a local showroom where you can see what you’re buying.

2. Take a test soak to determine the best fit for you.

3. Talk to an expert and have a lifetime of hot tub bliss!

4. Get a real warranty backed by a manufacturer with a great track record AND  with service done by the local dealer-not a 3rd party.

5. And, have your hot tub delivered by professionals who will set it in place for you and show you how to use it.

Take it from people who’ve bought a hot tub on line: the savings are NOT there. The hassles are!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health Through Water.

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