Hot Tub Blog-Hot Tub Bliss-Celebrates One Year Anniversary

August 3, 2009

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year of blogging about hot tubs and hot tubbing here on Hot Tub Bliss.  Thanks for all of your comments, suggestions, and encouragement.  I’ve enjoyed writing about all things “hot tub” including health, lifestyle and water care issues.  There have been funny bits, too, like the Duck’s Journey in which Olympic Hot Tub Company Hot Spring Spa owners have taken their hot tub rubber ducks to events, foreign countries and world landmarks.  (Remember to pack a duck in your suitcase and take it along on your next vacation.  Place the duck in interesting spots and send the photo to us.  We’d love to see how far these ducks travel.)

The biggest response to any post came from a June post on the Orcas in Puget Sound: “How to Save the Whales While Soaking In Your Hot Tub: Here’s How”.

Your comments and suggestions on blog posts and for new blog topics are always welcome.

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