Hot Spring Spas’ Parent Company Changes it Name to Watkins Wellness

April 5, 2016

Watkins-Wellness-logo-2016March 31, 2016

Company Dedicated to Helping Customers Around the World “Feel Good. Live Well.™”

The world’s largest manufacturer of hot tubs including Hot Spring Spas Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, has re-branded itself as Watkins Wellness, with a new logo and tagline, “Feel Good. Live Well.” The Watkins Wellness mission is to deliver at home wellness solutions to homeowners around the world who live active lifestyles and are health conscious. 

The company’s growing portfolio of well-being products and systems for at-home use provides multiple pathways to wellness. Whether a consumer seeks a place for improved physical, mental or emotional well-being, or an environment to relax and reconnect with others, Watkins Wellness has developed a best-in-class product to meet those needs.

Watkins Wellness will leverage a 40-year heritage as an innovator of hot tubs that are sold in 70 countries around the globe. With the 2015 acquisition of Endless Pools®, Inc., Watkins Wellness expanded into the aquatic fitness business. This evolution into the broader personal well-being space is now reflected throughout every aspect of the organization, including its new name and logo.

“We don’t simply make products, we make wellness appliances that improve the lives of our customers,” stated Steve Hammock, President of Watkins Wellness. “The strategic change to Watkins Wellness is a demonstration of our dedication to helping people achieve their well-being goals.”

We’re glad to see this change to incorporate Watkins’ long standing global mission. Olympic Hot Tub has been a Hot Spring dealer for 34 years. In that time we’ve seen a shift from hot tubbing as strictly a leisure activity to one that adds immensely to one’s overall health. Hot tubbing done on a daily basis relieves stress and leads to greater vitality and well being. As Watkins’ new logo says “Feel Good. Live Well. Perfect.

As the Romans said it, Sanum Per Aqua. Health through Water.

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