March 21, 2009
Here’s an email I received on Monday from Karen in our Olympic Hot Tub Company Fife store:

I just had a water care customer in this morning who had purchased a Prodigy (Hot Spring Spa) from me. It’ll be 4 years in August. He’s an older gentleman, I’d say over (just guessing) 70 years old. He was asking about our new line and saying how much he loves his. I asked him if he would be willing to write down his feelings about Hot Spring and he did. The words aren’t anything I guess we haven’t heard before but his appreciation was so heartfelt… when I got to the bottom of his comments, I was quite moved… as I knew he really meant it.  I knew you’d appreciate reading what he had to say:

“I am on my second hot tub from Olympic Hot Tub. The first one was used for over 11 years. It is absolutely wonderful. The present one is essentially maintenance free. Only need to change the water once a year. The Everfresh sanitation system is wonderful and makes cleaning a breeze.

I use it daily and am not sure I would be here with out it.

Absolutely wonderful.”

Marvin Holcomb

This is a real example of SANUM PER AQUA- Latin for Health Through Water.