Guess what one of the top things folks do when they refinance? Get their dream hot tub!

March 12, 2020

March 12, 2020 – If you weed your way through all the doom and gloom on the news waves these days, there is a bit of good news that’s not hitting everyone’s radar: interest rates for mortgages and refinancing are at a serious low. Rates have been as low as 2.75% on a 15-year fixed rate in the past week. I know our General Manager jumped at the opportunity when we heard about this over a business dinner and is well on his way to saving some dough!

Every time rates have become attractive in my career here at Olympic, customers show up in our showrooms to buy a hot tub with some of the proceeds from their refi or from a new home equity line of credit. It’s a very exciting time for those that show up!

Over the years, research has shown a hot tub ranks high on the list of things that new homeowners have always dreamt of owning. Yet, after the big move happens other items seem to creep up higher on the list of “things we need to do first”. Before you know it, the hot tub dream has fallen off the top of the list to the “someday” bucket.

Enter the magic of the refi! Quite often, refinancing or equity lines get taken advantage of around five years after moving into a new home. Most of the other projects that had knocked the hot tub down the list are gone, and the spark reignites to get that dream hot tub, perhaps with some landscaping or a new deck that was also delayed. In fact, the #1 thing on consumer lists when they get a refi is investing in a home improvement project that was put off, and near the very top of that list is a hot tub.

Now is the perfect time to think about creating a new haven in your backyard. A special place to retreat, relax, improve your health and well-being, and reconnect with friends and loved ones. It can turn a space in your back yard that may have been inefficiently used into some of the most used real estate in your home!

If you’re one of those who have put off your hot tub dream, it’s time to dig in and make that dream come true! We’ve got a fabulous selection of Hot Spring Spas. Every single collection has been redesigned in the last few years, with updated color palettes, improved jetting, and the all-important FreshWater Salt System that offers up the healthiest (and greenest!) way to soak today.

And, there are plenty of cool ways to outfit your tub to make it a true hot tub heaven:

  • Bluetooth Music Systems let you relax to your favorite music and allow the hot tub to double as an outdoor sound system for gatherings of family and friends.
  • The terrific Smartop provides the opportunity to own one hot tub cover that’s contemporary, energy efficient and will never get waterlogged over time. And, it’s made right here in Washington!
  • If you want ultimate peace of mind, security and a gazebo that’s just cool, you can outfit your tub with a Covana. These automated gazebos double as a cover for the hot tub. With the turn of a key, the Covana lifts off the tub to become a gazebo. Since it must be key operated to open it, you’ll have great peace of mind, knowing no one can access your tub when you’re away. And, since they’re made in Montreal, it’s only fitting that they hold up to 800 lbs. of snow load to boot!

If you’re ready to give yourself a little back yard vacation every single day and enhance your overall health and well-being, it’s time for a hot tub! I promise you it will be one of the best things you ever did for yourself. In fact, the thing we hear most from our customers is always just that…along with the statement, “I can’t believe I waited this long to do this!”

A Hot Spring Spa from Olympic + You = Better you. Better life.