Smartop Covers

Smartop—The End of Vinyl Hot Tub Covers!

Vinyl covers traditionally last 4-5 years, lose energy efficiency over time, get waterlogged and heavy, and suffer from exposure to elements, hot water, and chemicals. With all the advancements made in building hot tubs that use recycled materials, require fewer water changes and chemicals, and use as little energy as possible, it’s a significant disconnect that the hot tub cover hasn’t evolved and become more eco-friendly.

Until Smartop.

Smartop is designed with the intent of being the only cover you’ll need for your tub. The design is luxe, perfectly complementing the look of Hot Spring Spas. With a textured deco finish, your hot tub has a rich look with depth that stays beautiful for years with very little care. The integrated hydraulic lift system makes removal and replacement of the Smartop a breeze, and steel cable cover locks not only help lock heat in your tub when not in use, but they also secure your tub for security and peace of mind. Smartop is available in two options to work with any hot tub installation.

Smartop is made right here in Washington State by Leisure Concepts! That means you’re supporting another local business. Olympic Hot Tub is the largest retailer in the nation of Smartop. You’ll absolutely love owning Smartop and will always be confident you made the right choice.

  • Corning closed cell foam insulation for zero water absorption

  • Exclusive heat retention system

  • Replaceable parts should a component need attention over time

  • DecoShield textured polymer overlay available in a variety of colors to match every tub

  • Integrated hydraulic cover lift system

  • Functional and easy to use cam lock design lockdowns

  • Requires 10” of clearance behind the tub
  • Requires 3½” on each side of the tub
  • The space efficient option. Cover sits upright, requiring minimal space for operation
  • The answer for tubs installed partially in a deck
  • Deckmount option also available
  • Requires 28” of clearance behind the tub
  • Requires 4” on each side of the tub
  • Drops behind the tub to afford a nearly unobstructed 360-degree view when open
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