Covana Automated Cover Systems

Covana—The Automated Cover & Gazebo

Free yourself from traditional hot tub covers and get the perfect shelter for your hot tub soaking with Covana. This amazing product transforms your hot tub into a high design space for the ultimate way to relax. You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing that your tub is secured when not in use. Perfect for homes with small kids, bed and breakfast settings, and when your tub is unattended.

  • Fully automated—opens and closes with the turn of a key.
  • Optional screens and murals for added privacy and shelter.
  • Insulates better than traditional hot tub covers, saving you energy.
  • Withstands winds of up to 60 mph when up and can hold a 600 lb. snow load!
  • Perfectly designed to complement Hot Spring Spas.
  • Oasis, Horizon & Evolution models perfect for hot tubs; Legend ideal for swim spas.
  • For hot tubs 34” or taller; adapt your foundation easily by adding a SmartDeck under shorter tubs to allow Covana to operate properly.

The Covana OASIS is not only a hot tub cover, it’s also an automated, state-of-the-art, easy-to-use gazebo! The LED lighting system was designed to create a warm, friendly atmosphere and relaxing ambiance based on a combination of 7 colors.

The COVANA EVOLUTION offers a wide range of solutions as it is compatible with square hot tubs from 7’ to 8’ and rectangular units from 8’ x 9’ to 8’ x 11’ and also for the first time, an automatic solution for round hot tubs up to 8’.

Swim Spa Cover

With the Covana LEGEND, your swim spa will be more accessible and easier to use than ever! In almost any weather condition, the cover can be retracted with the simple turn of a key and after only a few seconds, you can dive in and enjoy it without ever having to struggle with a cumbersome cover (It’s fully automated!).

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